Better Cheddars


They're back! Flavor Original Better Cheddars pack all the great cheddar taste in a thin, crisp cracker. These favorite snack crackers are baked to perfection. Better Cheddars are low in cholesterol and contain no trans fat. They make a great anytime snack and a perfect compliment for lunchboxes or quick meals. This includes two 6.5oz box of Flavor Originals Better Cheddars Crackers. From Nabisco, Better Cheddars Crackers offer a light and crisp baked snack texture that satisfy crunchy and cheesy desires. These baked cheese crackers are prepared using cheddar cheese as the foundational ingredient, allowing a rich cheddar flavor to permeate the taste buds. Don't let your cabinet go bare of these thin, flaky crackers! Enjoy anytime as a snack, add to a party tray, serve with a side of cheddar or your preferred classic cracker dip. Are there any better chips flavored with real cheddar cheese than Nabisco's Flavor Original Better Cheddars backed crackers? Many consumers say these are the best cheddar flavored snack on the market. Give them a try and note how your family will flock to the boxes upon their arrival to your home. Enjoy.

Package Dimensions: ‎ 7.95 x 5.83 x 4.84 inches; 1.01 Pounds

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